Red Wing Trading Post

Please bear with us as we are transferring the Red Wing Trading Post system and web application to a much newer and better server.

Red Wing Trading Post was under active architecture and construction from 2004-2009.

We supported collectors of Red Wing stoneware and pottery and received letters from delighted collectors from all over the United States and Canada.

We even supported collectors from other countries, like Ireland and Israel. Red Wing Trading Post was, truly, an international company.

And then, well 2009 happened, and we were unable to continue offering products and services at that time.

No Announcement

We do not have an announcement to share with our past customers, but we would like to hear from you!

We started Red Wing Trading Post because we are collectors of Red Wing and we wanted a web application to help us collect Red Wing. We heard from some of our friends, also collectors of Red Wing, that they also wanted this app.

Since Red Wing Trading Post started as a web-based app for collectors of Red Wing by collectors of Red Wing, our customers naturally were the most important part of our business. Therefore, we founded Red Wing Trading Post on the principle of, and was one of the first website applications to implement, customer-driven website design. This principle was very successful for us and helped us delight many customers.

We want to help you!

We want to help you, and, to do that, we would like your help.

Do you have any

about collecting Red Wing or about a website designed to help you collect Red Wing?

Perhaps you would never shop for Red Wing products online, or perhaps you would, once again, welcome on online store and experience for shopping for Red Wing products?

Please let us know at our gmail address "redwingtradingpost".

     --Red Wing Trading Post (staff and webmaster)